Who woke us up from Pokémon GO?

You won’t be reading this if you haven’t heard of Pokémon GO as almost any person on the earth did.

Unless you are reading this from Mercury (wondering how’s the weather today?). oh, I know just figured out what are those “undefined” visitors in my Google analytics reports. Hello!

Sorry, back to the post: Almost everyone played it, the hardcore Pokémon fans or the average iPhone players. A great community based on the game, a real life community where people actually went outside and played together. A localized communities in most countries where formed. It was all super-fun. But the fun ended and we had to wake-up from this beautiful dream. Who woke us up?

As any game, you level up by progressing in the game, collecting Pokemons in this instance, walking around, winning the fight and taking over the gyms (where the fights against opponents happens). Once you hit level 20, the amount of required experience to level up in not reasonable. The main difference between this game’s leveling-up mechanism and other games is that no matter at what level the player is, the rewarded XP (experience) points are the same: 100 for catching a Pokemon, 50 for hitting a Pokéstop etc… In other games, the XP earned increases gradually depends on your level. Even in the most adamant games (hello Dark Souls). Imagine, catching a 10 CP Pokémon give you the same XP of catching a 1000+ one!

The Game looks like it was made for a few weeks run, and that’s it. This could work for a one-hit arcade games. But this is a Pokemon game, its fans where collecting Pokemons since Pokémon Red and Blue.

Let alone the carelessness about the cheaters ruining the game in the first few weeks as well.

Every Pokemon fan regrets of what this game could have become, Even the new fans who just played Pokemon Go will regret how all the fun and the social gatherings have ended. It is sad.

Although Niantic did a marvelous job developing the game (technically), In my opinion, it was given a heavier weight than what they could handle. They broke the records within few days of the launch, but the dream would have lasted for ever if they knew what Pokémon is.


Blame Niantic for waking us up from this beautiful dream, it could have been longer.


Do you think few fingers should be pointed at Nintendo too for not getting involved enough?


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