Watch Dogs quick review

A game where you make your way through the city by hacking the electronic devices around you? Yes, I was hooked from the moment UBI Soft introduced it more than 1 and a half year ago by showing off this video:

Watch Dogs is an open world game based in Chicago. And you can’t mention open world games without making any comparison with the most popular game in this: GTA.

In a nutshell, Watch Dogs is a GTA game with an overlay layer of its fundamental concept: hacking.

The open world might not be as open and diverse as GTA, but the hacking abilities give this game an outstanding position among the open world games. Where you hack literally anything with a chip on it. Starting from the smart phones of the people in the streets to hacking the entire city’s central system and making a big mess such as a complete city blackout!

You don’t just hack to make your way through in the game, you can activate your “profiler” while walking around to automatically get a quick info about the people who are walking around in the street to see what they do for living, how much money they have in their bank account or go deeper like listening to their phone call or see their messages if they are texting someone.

The most awesome thing about the game is how you can finish the missions either by sneaking around and hacking stuff or engage directly in a fervent battle against the enemies.

A game with such a big idea may be a short in term of gameplay time. Or maybe I enjoyed it that much?

The amount of details of everything is just perfect. My personal rating is 4/5.

+ The soundtrack is outstanding and the songs selection in the car radio is great.

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