Nothing is interesting in this year’s WWDC

Nothing is interesting in this year’s WWDC, they said.

Let’s start with tvOS, more specifically Apple TV which will finally get Amazon Prime video, something seemed impossible and support for RTL languages (اخيرا). Mac OS is on a higher ground (see what I did there?) with few major improvements such as converting the file system to APFS which makes the OS snappy as ever saving you a ton of frustration and many useful additional features to what is mostly used by everyone: Safari browser. Apple Watch with a Siri smartwatch face is more useful than ever, and new exercises to the workout app, nothing is interesting indeed. iPad Pro turned into a beast with a major iOS11 update making it a great multitasking device, something pros, and average users were asking for, for years. Besides the software, the hardware got some outstanding improvements in case you are planning to get one, it’s just the right time. The refresh rate of the screen can go up to 120 Hz, double of what was offered by the previous Pro, Making the movements and scrolling on the screen, something our retina have never seen before. A change, similar to when retina display was introduced where you couldn’t go pre-retina once you see it. And making the Apple pencil latency just 20ms, industry’s best. Interesting? Nah.
Adapting the augmented reality officially in the next version of the iOS is just opening the gate for a new wave of well-made and actually useful AR apps. One example of applying the AR framework on an existing popular AR game “Pokemon GO”, shows the difference and what could be accomplished with it. Thinking ahead, this could be the establishment for an Apple headset, A Google Glass which is actually useful.

And the native machine learning and machine vision framework. And the new compression standard (HEVC ) that can store high-resolution images and videos using half the storage space as older image files. And, and, and and…


This is what frustrates me about anyone who mehs the conference. It’s called developers conference for a reason. This is not the iPhone keynote which Apple shows to the consumers and the world what its features are and what they are going to get. On that one, you can say a lot and meh however you want.

Although new updates to the hardware were introduced in this conference, it’s just a tease. WWDC is a celebration, developers and apps are a huge part of where Apple today is, and Apple would like to announce new hardware updates when they happen to be ready at this time, iPad Pros is an example. Or tease upcoming products such as the iMac Pro and the HomePod.

See, your iPhone, iPad, and Mac are just a container for the apps you use, the apps which made by developers. So all these enhancements and refinements for the tools they use to build these apps, produce better ones, higher quality apps for the consumers, making such a conference even more important than a product announcement keynotes.

With all these new frameworks and features, this could be considered the biggest WWDC indeed. Tim noted this in the beginning. Not a coincidence, this could be pure because of the largest line of products which are in Apple sleeve right now.


Photo credit: @prodeve (I used to snap a pic from every WWDC gathering with the iDudes but was so looking forward this time I forgot to.)

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