We’ve seen the new iPhone before…

We are so close and yet no one figured what the new iPhones line is although we had a semi-Deja Vu about this.

We have seen this in the MacBook line, Apple released a “niche” MacBook, a plain name, neither a Pro or an Air. Having just one port for power, external displays, hard disks, and everything else. And an “underpowered” CPUs you wouldn’t want for intensive tasks. We got one strange MacBook, one from the future. “Years ahead” as Apple put it itself.

All of this to have the most beautiful MacBook, the thinnest and lightest (I still can’t get over the dimmed Apple logo in the back, I wanted it to come to the iPad and iPhone so bad to find it going gradually!.) For the benefits that you will get in your daily usage, the butterfly keyboard for more comfortable and precise typing, the force touch trackpad, the maximum portability of the whole thing. This is all in a battery life trade-off, like a couple of hours less than the MacBook Air, and with a humble CPU compared to the ones in the MacBook Pro and its configurations. And don’t forget the higher price oh these MacBooks.

The message is clear: You wanted to have a look at what the future of notebooks is? Why don’t you own one now with these few trade-off?

This is what the NeXT, mysterious iPhone is, a look into the future of the iPhone.

That’s why it will never be called iPhone 8 (if the other 2 are 7s and 7s Plus.) Eight after the 7s is presumably superior to its preceding one, but based on the MacBook DevaVu, it’s not. It could have a plain name, just the iPhone or iPhone NeXT (iPhone X). The name which almost everybody calling it (iPhone Pro), would shatter this idea since Pro has always been the muscles one, but again, Pro is for specific people, who would want certain features at the expense of other trade-offs.

What these trade-offs you would ask? Processing power, longer battery life and camera.  Many were shocked to the rumor which claims that the iPhone 7s will have a superior camera than the iPhone X. That could be true. The iPhone X camera could be same as the iPhone 7 one, which doesn’t suck! But the 7s may get a megapixels pump or more advanced depth sensing abilities.

But the mysterious iPhone is the one with the full-screen display (minus the notch), these trade-off in order to give you the experience of a “plus” screen with the reachability of the normal sized iPhone 7, 6s or 6. That would have stopped me from letting go of my iPhone 7 Plus and getting back to the 4.7-inch one.

A full-screen display means no home for the, home-button (see what I did there?.) Don’t think the abandon of the home-button and moving into just a gesture-based interface is an easy transition. This is one big trade-off for many.

Unlocking the iPhone would be either by pressing the power button which isn’t convenient but the alternative exists: Since getting my hands on the Apple watch and being so lured into it, I’ve been tapping my iPhone 6 screen to wake it up, just like you would do on the Apple watch and I was sure this would come for the next iPhones. But it didn’t.


The iPhone X could be the one coming from the future or 5 years ahead just like the original one and I don’t mind anything from the future to have the same experience the moment I held the first iPhone.



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