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What has been in the works with @Prodeve for few weeks, has finally surfaced to most of you. ِAlthough the meal was ready to be served on 23rd of September (I have no idea how some people smelled it and had a few bites) we kept it under the radar for a little experiment in this whole new territory of iMessage Apps and stickers. Mainly for measuring how effective that link which appears under any new stickers used by a friend in a conversation when  you don’t have these stickers downloaded. Let’s call it an unintended word-of-mouth.

Plus, nothing feels better than cooking something and your iDudes smells that you are cooking something and denying it in-front of their faces, it was wonderful.


As simple as it looks, many efforts went into making this, many refinements, and being a student of the great school, Apple that is. I try to not release anything unless it was ready for the public. The first target was to release it on iOS10 debut ( September 13 ), but minor adjustments were under development and the second logical date was 23rd of September, the date of official launch of iPhone 7 in Saudi Arabia. Which was achieved after getting Apple approval on time and version 1.0 was live on the AppStore on 23rd. But I preferred to continue with the experiment i mentioned before talking about it on the public.  The results from such an experiment worth gold, I had to grab it.

More refinements were completed and we submitted a minor update in order to launch it to the public on a very important day: 5th of October, in a tribute to the man who made all this possible.

That was accomplished, but thanks to the few local technology websites we have, I couldn’t get them to publish anything on this desired date (more on that in another post), but what actually has happened that the unintended word of mouth experiment was developing, and the news spread about the app, so I couldn’t hide it anymore.

This is version 1. The work already started on the next version and the sketches for additional ideas already started. a lot of additions will be introduced while we get there!

Oh, seen those additional funky texts in the pack? That’s pure @Prodeve‘s work.

Thanks for reading, supporting and spreading the word. KhaleejiMoji already climbed to the top spot in the Omani Stickers AppStore before I publish this post.





One more thing:

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