Home-less iPhone

It is that time of year where the rumors about the NeXT iPhone pops up everywhere and gets ridiculously more the closer we are from the event.

As John Gruber always says (on The Talk Show podcast) ” Apple is a company of pattern.”

Which is totally true and specifically with the iPhones cycle: we get a brand-new iPhone every 2 years, and the year in-between is a same-looking one with major hardware improvements.

Which is the case this year according to most rumors flying around: a faster processor, a better camera, double the RAM and force-touch screen.


Hold-on for a moment. The pattern is a faster iPhone. Then what the force-touch has to do with that?

The force-touch which appeared first on the Apple Watch, allows you to interact “naturally” with the screen by pressing it for an additional method of interacting, a method which once you get used to, you may accidentally try it on your iPhone. I did that a few times.

But force touch is a major change, unlike Siri in 4s, the finger print in 5s. This will change how we interact with the UI, which explains the most recent rumor about a “3D” user interface update for the iOS along the upcoming iPhone.


But an old thought occurred to me thinking about this.


I had a wild dream where we would have a bezel-less iPads and I knew we are a step further when the iPad mini with thin side bezels was released. But there one problem: Home-button.


The home-button is so essential in both the iPhone and the iPad that the simplicity master couldn’t but keep it for many years. I kept thinking of many alternatives like a touch based “hot” zone in the bottom, or even a button within the screen itself but that will look odd and would create massive UI confusion.

This thought is so old before even reading the about such a thing as “force touch” screen for the Apple watch. But now since it is real, and proven its usability, why don’t the force touch enabled iPhone be without a physical home-button?

Let the the center bottom area of the screen be the new home-button and you force touch it for the same result.

This would make the display area bigger which would create a new resolution vortex which we aren’t used to in an “s” iteration of the iPhone.

But still, a few things riddles me like double-pressing the home-button, how I could be done using the force touch? and there’s something satisfying about pressing the physical home screen which makes me again confused if it will ever go away soon. Could be solved using a taptic engine to simulate the effect of a press? but will the upcoming iPhone has that too?




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