Everything Will Be Here

This is a long due announcement I wanted to do: After having a multiple “personal” blogs and portfolios (that just the personal ones, not the specialized websites and blogs I write in), the decision has been made: Every thing will be here.

This isn’t a quick decision I made today. I was updating my other “official” blog when I thought I would make better use of the time spent on maintaining those blogs. Plus I am really tired of being “accused” of hiding my real identity behind a nickname while it was really just a way to make it easier and “confusing-less” for the readers I have, the global and the local ones. And seriously an easy to remember name.

This is really a big. I was working for a couple of months on re-branding my other blog (which I won’t link to it because I’m closing all the other blogs.) I have even created all the necessary social networks account for that too (maybe I’ll share one day) but I am putting all that aside. I’m putting my attention in fewer places. At the end, there are thousand no’s for every yes

It’s all coming together and as promised, this will be the hub for all my online contributions. You may see changes to this as soon as tomorrow. Only a few decisions are left to be made. Like if I better create 2 separate blogs for each language or create a multilingual one? for now I really don’t have an issue of posting in both languages on the same blog as long as I’m doing it in one place.

And oh boy, many would miss the current design of this blog, so I’m putting a screenshot here before it goes away:

Till then, stay tuned for what’s NeXT 😉

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