A VR tour of Miraah using Oculus DK2

Miraah is a solar facility which concentrates sunlight to generate steam used for oil production. It’s now on an oil field in Southern Oman and will expand soon to be one of the world’s largest solar plants. As mentioned, it’ll span an area of 3 km2 which is equivalent of 360 football stadiums! (more on this from this PDF)

GlassPoint was at the latest Oil and Gas West Asia expo beside their informative team, and a small model of the glass house, you won’t get a complete idea of it unless you actually be there, in the field and seeing it yourself.

Doing that in the desert heat is a little bit of a hassle and having to cut through all the distance there… if there was only a portal-like portal to jump over there immediately and experience it…

Thankfully, GlassPoint has brought Miraah. Will not take you there, but to let you experience that without going there. Miraah virtual tour through a VR goggles, Oculus to be specific. Development kit 2 (DK2) to be more specific.

Since I’ve almost no involvement in the oil industry whatsoever, I honestly accepted the invite to see how companies here started taking advantage of VR technology, after being anticipating this since the day I received the first version of Oculus rift 3 years ago after backing it on Kickstarter.


This is the best example of how VR can be utilized to actually provide more info, not having it because it’s “cool”. The GlassPoint team explains the idea on the mini model and using the photos, then the rest is in the VR experience.

I was intrigued to go to try the DK2 and experience the improvements over the first kit since the final version is coming out soon. Noticed a few improvements but I couldn’t verify a few stuff since there was only one demo available and I cant compare it to the demos I’ve at my laptop.


Still, dizziness is an issue if you move around in the game or the environment you are in using the keyboard or the joystick. Hoping the final ver worked on that and waiting for the HTC Vive which many said it’s awesomely dizziness-free!


If you want to know more about Miraah and GlassPoint, the best way to do that is through their YouTube channel and Twitter. If you don’t have me on Snapchat, you missed seeing me lost in the VR world again! Add me on Snapchat to catch-up any similar experiences in the future!

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